About Onectus


Our Story

Since 2011, we have been applying the cutting edge of technology to power digital transformation for startups and global corporations alike — across all major platforms and tech stacks.Headquartered in Lithuania with an additional office in Germany and a hi-tech development center in United states, Onectus is ideally positioned to provide top-notch software services for clients around the globe.

Our Services

Mobile apps

Need a mobile or web app designed and Developed ? We are glad to provide you with the solution. Our experience in mobile software and web development field is ready to serve your business Currently having 10 years of professional experience in designing native and react native IOS / Android & Cross-platform mobile applications.

Agile Product management

Onectus is highly efficient technical professional team with over 10 years of experience developing and managing diversified software applications. Extensive experience with infrastructure upgrades and data center moves.

DevOps Azure & AWS

We have spent many years leading high powered teams, developing complex multi-tier web applications. We are specialized in developing applications on the AWS and Microsoft Azure Cloud.

Artificial intelligence (AI)

We excel at making Intelligent Systems using state of the art Artificial Intelligence and Deep Learning technologies, with focus on solving practical problems which have real-world use cases and values. We have a team of AI specialists with many years of experience in this industry and a hands-on approach with fast prototyping and testing that delivers working solutions as quickly as possible.

Creative Team

Our team of developers delivers valuable software quickly and continuously so you can get fast and frequent feedback from your users. That way, you can be sure your good ideas will be successful and your bad ideas don’t cost you too much.

Aivaras Kazilas

Ceo and co-founder

Ambitous innovator who has worked with many teams and on complex projects like Clusco. He gained a solid experience in creating technological products and he will also provide you with business and strategy advice.

Lukas - Project manager

Germany Branch

Visionary project manager. He organizes projects of every type and size just according to your preference. He uses agile method. He will also be your marketing adviser.

Developers & Designers

Team of Developers & designers

Onectus is composed by skilled engineers and designers team who will bring your little or big idea to a visible reality.