1. Platform


Apple based architecture


Android architecture that works on most systems worldwide

Web app

Applications on websites

Landing page

Simple commercial landing page, commonly called homepage

1.2 project size


Your app has around 4-5 key feature pages (excluding any static content, sign in, sign up etc.)


Your app has around 7-10 key feature pages (excluding any static content, sign in, sign up etc.)


Your app probably has around 10+ key feature pages (excluding any static content, sign in, sign up etc.)

2. Design 2.3 Screens amount

1 to 6

Your app has around one to six screen to design

7 to 12

Your app has around seven to twelve screen to design

13 to 20

Your app has around thirteen to twenty screen to design

20 +

Your app probably has around 20 plus screens to design

3. Login type

Email & password

Classic sign up with an email and password.


Facebook,twitter, google, linkedin


Sign up and sign in with a Github account.

User invite

New users of the app can be invited by email.

Multi teenants accounts

For SaaS style apps. Piramydal principles.

No signup required

Sub domains

This would allow your customers to access their account with their own subdomain, eg. acme.yourapp.com or xyz.yourapp.com

Custom domains

This would allow your customers to access their account with their own subdomain, eg. acme.yourapp.com or xyz.yourapp.com

4. User content

Ratings or reviews

Typical use case for ratings and reviews might be restaurant reviews,uber taxis or customer satisfaction ratings.

User Profiles

Users would be able to manage and publish their profiles to other users within your app, eg Facebook profiles.

Activity Feed

This will show what user have been doing recently.

File Uploading

Users would be able to upload file content, eg images, PDF's etc.


A type of meta-information that captures knowledge about an information resource


Data , graphs and notices.

Transactional Emails

User will receive regular automated emails from the system to drive engagement or notify them of changes.

Audio/Video processing

Encoding, modification and storage of audio or video files.

Free text searching

Giving users the ability to search their data with a type-ahead style search box. A sort of Google-like

5. Data and location?


Display and capture of data in a calendar format 4 example, .ical.

Geolocation & maps

Showing a map with data points, eg venue locations, driver locations etc. similar features that are in use at uber

Custom map markers/regions

Allowing the user to select a map area visually or custom icons for different location types.


Selecting start and end dates, managing capacity etc.

6. Social & messaging?


In-app Messaging

Social Sharing

Ability to share pieces of information in a controlled way on social media accounts to drive engagement.

Push to Facebook Open Graph

Pushing content from your app directly in to the Facebook Graph.

Forums or commenting

Classic forum functionality for account users or simple commenting on information.

7. API's & integration

Payment processing

You will process adhoc or regular payments from users and manage refunds etc. using Adyen, Stripe or else.

Shopping Cart

Users will be able to browse products and add them to a cart, Amazon style.

User Marketplace

Users will be able to sell products or services to other users and your revenue model will be based on a commission model.

Product Management

Ability to manage data, eg product listings, availabilities or other data relevant to your domain.

Subscription plans

Your app will have a plan based revenue model where your customers will pay monthly or yearly.

Third party services connections

Perhaps a data feed that you need to integrate with a third party service

SMS Messaging

Allow your app to send SMS messages.

Phone Number Masking

Calls made through your app with have masked phone numbers.

8. Admin feedback and analytics

Multilingual Support

Provide supprt for multiple languages for your app and website

Crash Reporting

Sentry is the best on crash reporting

User Admin pages

Account administrators would be able to list/add/remove/suspend users.

CMS Integration

Content managment system for your users. Do everything without asking developers to publish content

Usage Analytics

Find out where your users come from and how they use your app. We recommend Kissmetrics or Google Analytics.


A leading third party platform for managing user engagement, drip emails, feature announcements etc.

Moderation / Content Approval

Users moderation

Performance monitoring

As you scale up it is important to know that you are maintaining a good user experience and making efficient use of your hosting environment.

9. Security

Security not important


Basic measures

Basic security

SSL encrypted

The industry standard way to ensure your users data is safe during their use of your app.

Complete protection

All in one

Two factor

Two factor in app or text message code verification


For high volume app with a high public profile, you may be the target of Denial of Service attacks.

10. Database

New database

(for example mySQL, MongoDB,Django)

Cloud Database

For example Firebase, simpler app MVPs

I'm not sure

Existing Database

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